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Top Medicare supplement plans

Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans aim to cover the additional health care costs that original Medicare cannot cover, mainly deductibles and co-pays. But there are various Medigap plans provided by the insurance companies that may vary in their objectives, and there cannot be one particular Medicare plan best suited for all types of circumstances.

How to decide on Medicare supplement plans?

top medicare supplement plans for 2019First of all, you should keep in mind to apply for a new Medigap insurance plan in the Enrolment period (after you turn 65 or elder, and have Medicare plan B).

Secondly, it is important to consider every aspect before deciding on a particular Medicare supplement plans for 2019 at You need to keep 3 things in mind:

  • Maximum coverage- There are companies providing most or all of the Medicare Supplement plans available. However, you may want to keep in mind foreign travel emergency coverage, if you travel a lot. Keep in mind the benefits provided by each plan, and look beyond monthly premiums before deciding on one.
  • Cost and price transparency- There exists a number of expenses, costs and deductibles which may be difficult to grasp. You should look for a company which is upfront about the expenditure and premiums before deciding on a particular line.
  • Helpfulness and research- Be informed. The entire process of shopping for insurance can be overwhelming. But, there are companies who make the process smooth, provide face-to-face interaction (via a physical office), or well-maintained customer service and online chat.

Which are the best plans available for you?

You can keep in mind the above points:

  • If what you are looking for is the maximum coverage possible, Plan F is the best one for you. It covers 100% of all benefits, except foreign emergency care, of which it covers 80%.
  • In that case, Plans C, D, F, G, M and N pay 80% of qualifying emergency care in foreign countries.
  • If you’re looking for a plan to cover an out-of-pocket limit, Medicare Supplement Plans K or L are the best for you. Plan K covers you after you have spent $5,120 and Plan L does after you have spent $2,560.
  • If you’re looking for help for Plan B costs, Plan C or F may be best for you. Also, Plan N covers 100% of Part B coinsurance and co-payments, except a $20 office visit co-pay or $50 emergency room co-pay.

Medicare Coverage

There are two ways one can get Medicare coverage. For instance, Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B or a Medicare Advantage Plan C. Some people will get additional coverage with a prescription drug plan. The following should help you understand which Medicare coverage would be best for you.

Original Medicare Coverage

Medicare Part A will cover your hospital bills and Medicare Part B is your medical insurance. Medicare provides this health insurance and a person will have the choice of deciding what hospitals, doctors and specialists one would want for their care. The amount of Medicare Part B is $134 or higher depending on one’s salary in 2018. Some people who have social security benefits may not pay as much, usually the person will pay a coinsurance and deductible for having Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. A recipient will have to pay a coinsurance and deductible for having Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. If one gets a Medicare supplement plan, also called Medigap Plans, they may have to pay some of the costs.


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Medicare Advantage Plans

Also known as Medicare Part C is a Medicare Advantage Plan that will cover both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. This insurance is provided by private insurance companies approved by Medicare. You will pay a monthly premium for the Medicare Advantage Plan C. Some of the plans will offer vision, hearing and dental coverage and you may pay a copayment or coinsurance as well. Each plan is different for their cost and coinsurance payments. The costs you may have to pay yourself are usually lower in a Medicare Advantage Plan. This plan may be more beneficial for a senior.

Prescription Plans

After deciding on the Medicare plan you wish to have, you may also want a prescription plan to cover the drugs a doctor may decide you need. If you choose a Medicare supplement plan you may decide to also get a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Part D. These plans are also available from private insurance agencies.

If you choose to have a Medicare Advantage Plan then the drug coverage will be in your Medicare Advantage Plan and you will get it through that plan.

If you choose Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B you may wish to also get a Medicare supplement plan to help with the costs of your medical issues that are not covered by Medic